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LCC Kare 9 Military Ministry


The LCC Kare 9 Military Ministry is a ministry by veterans for veterans. We strive to serve our military, veterans and their families. The Kare 9 Military Ministry dogs and their trained veteran handlers visit many places, including VFWs, VA hospitals, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Care Centers, homes of veterans that are home bound, Expos, Vet Clinics, Yellow Ribbon Ceremonies and various other activities to help spread the mercy and compassion of Christ Jesus.

For Chicagoland area veterans,  they host a monthly Special “22” Event.  Since January 2016, the LCC Kare 9 Military Ministry has sponsored a monthly dinner and program intended to raise awareness of the tragedy of veteran suicide. We call this event "22" to recognize the number of veterans who choose to end their life each day in America.
For details of this event, please contact Jim Morrison at 708-252-0738 or

We have been working with wonderful veteran related organizations since 2004.  We are proud to serve these organizations and want to highlight how their continued efforts support our veteran community.  Please take some time to launch into their websites to see the value in their service.  We give a BIG THANK YOU to these organizations and their support to our veterans!

Captain James A. Lovell

Federal Health Care Center


The Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC) is a first-of-its-kind partnership between the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense (DoD), integrating all medical care into a federal health care facility with a single combined VA and Navy mission. 


Lovell FHCC is located in North Chicago, Illinois, and was established on Oct. 1, 2010 when the North Chicago VA Medical Center (VAMC) and the Naval Health Clinic Great Lakes (NHCGL) merged their resources and services.  A combined mission of the health care center means active duty military, their family members, military retirees and veterans are all cared for at the facility.  The health care center ensures that nearly 40,000 Navy recruits who transition through Naval Station Great Lakes each year are medically ready and nearly 67,000 eligible military and retiree beneficiaries from Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin receive first-rate care.



At TLS Veterans our vision is to transform lives through service to veterans. Our mission is to provide veterans in need and their families the services necessary to experience hope and achieve success.  Our core services are food, housing, support and employment. 

We do this through our four main values of respect, integrity, compassion and advocacy.

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